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"One of the things that is interesting about reading conspiracy theory is that much of what folks think is conspiracy is really many people acting in concert to make or protect their money." - Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitt- photo Preston Peet

Catherine Autins Fitts-
Solari, and How the Money Works

Catherine Austin Fitts is a former managing director and member of the board of directors of Dillon Read & Co, Inc. She served as Assistant secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commmisioner during the first Bush Administration, and is also formerly the head of Hamilton Securities Group Inc. She currently serves as President of Solari Inc., an investment advisory firm.

Department of Justice Declines to Pay hamilton Securities Owed for Work That Saved the US Government, (and hence taxpayers) $2.2 billion. (May 20. 2002)
Fitts is an outspoke researchers and former government insider who puts the finanical aspects of continuing this insave War on Some Drugs into clear, and consise terms, making it very easy for the discernable, openminded reader to get a real grasp of just how deeply the extremely profitable illegal global drug trade is, and how major and indepensible the illicit profits are to the global financial markets.

A Letter to Congressman Isakson (April 13, 2002)
Catherine Austin Fitts writes a letter supporting Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's demand for answers to Sept 11 events and the $2.3 trillion misplaced by the Pentagon.

In Regards to Winokur Leaving Harvard Board (April 7, 2002)
Catherine Austin Fitt's responds, in a 'letter to the editor' to a recent article in the Boston Globe regarding Herbert S. "Pug" Winokur's decision to leave Harvard's board, supplying a long list of links to articles and information as to why he might really have made his decision. More importantly, Fitts paints a detailed picture of why there is a need for some number of criminal investigations into Winokur's, and others', financial dealings and practices.

Sensuality vs. Puritanism- What Can A Woman Do To Delete The Shadow Government (March 23, 2002)
Catherine Austin Fitts ruminates in this 1999 essay on some ways that certain incentives can lead to positivity, rather than favoring those who impose danger, stress, prohibition, and all around negativity on the world.

Real Deal News vs. Fake News (March 18, 2002)
Want to stop those who keep feeding the populace fake and distorted news? There's no need for violence, just stop giving them your time and money. This and many other points are made by Catherine Austin Fitts here, points that after reading leave one feeling perhaps that this is only common sense. So why is it so uncommon? Because the populace allows themselves to be fed programming and imprinting by the mainstream Fake News folk, the same folk who own the war machines, the political machines, the corporate machines, by voluntarilly giving them our time and money. It's a vicious cycle that goes round and round, and will continue to do so until each individual makes the choice to change cycles.

Opportunities to Support Members of the Solari Action Network (March 18, 2002)
Catherine Austin Fitts offers suggestions on various ways to help those she feels are doing their all to bring to the public uncensored, unauthorized, non-officially sanctioned views on the current financial, political, criminal, and corporate systems, and methods to affect change in those systems. Also find links, contacts, and an appendix outlining state by state (15 states so far listed) how much US citizens are loosing to government contractors who cook their books.

The Solari Story: HUD and the Drug War

The Post Toasties and the Liquidators

The Growth and Profits of Prisons

Catherine Fitts on DrugSense Forum

The Myth of the Rule of Law (need Adobe Acrobat to read)

Narcodollars for Beginners part 1

Narcodollars for Beginners part 2

Narcodollars for Beginners part 3

20 Questions on Enron

Questions for Herbert S. "Pug" Winokur (Feb. 10, 2002) Salvia, Shrooms, Smokes, Pipes & More!
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Illustrated Excerpts
Read illustrated excerpts from Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda by Dan Russell, with rave reviews and ordering info.

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